Ejio website redesign


Ejio helps companies to improve their project process thanks to the collective intelligence. The main goal of this redesign work was to present Ejio’s offers in a simple, comprehensive and colorful way.


September > October 2020


  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Ejio at the begining…

❌ A non-responsive website

❌ A website design that is too old to generate leads

An unlogical site mapping

❌ A jargon that doesn’t help to speak clearly to Ejio customers



« Keep it simple & smart », that what I did.

Understand the business of selling intelligence collective consulting

After learning how Ejio offers work according to its customer needs, I worked on wireframes first. Moreover, to be sure that every visitor will be able to understand where to find courses, workshops or consulting offers, I used the most common terms to create the sitemap.


Then I worked on the new UI according to the brand AD.


Key takeaways

✔ A completely new branded UI

✔ A clear & simple sitemap to let users understand what & where to find info and offers

A new effective way to present Ejio offers