Design a mobile app to allow wealthy entrepreneurs to manage their assets and investments


Ivesta is a family office that supports wealthy entrepreneurs (+ 50M€) in setting up an investment and wealth management strategy. With the aim of digitizing their customer relationship, Ivesta wanted to offer its customers a simple mobile application that would allow them to monitor their assets and investments.


Design a mobile application from A to Z by integrating wealth management, electronic signature and legal documents and news section related to the client’s investments.


Decembre 2020 > February 2021


  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Manage your wealth from your pocket.

We’ve made it possible.


Reports, electronic signatures and news: Everything to monitor financial assets

Design approach and process

After a deep understanding of how financial assets work, I started to work on the user journeys according to the user needs. I distinguished 3 different sections:

  • Financial reports
  • Electronic signatures
  • Personalized invest news according to the user profile

Then, I worked on hierarchy of information related to asset management indicators according to target objectives and investment strategies.



Wireframing & design

I worked on UI Design to create, first, a homepage that allows users to check their information on financial assets. Secondly, I focus on the electronic signature and create different statuts for urgent documents. Then, I created the design for the personalized news.

The final part dealt with the pockets of investment and wealth data-visualisation.