Re-design from scratch « SirWeb » Data Marketing Platform


Re-design from scratch the Smart Data for Lead « SirWeb Annuaire » Web App to offer a better user experience in searching B2B companies data and improve business developers efficiency. Since the end of 2020 Flash is no more compatible, so Smart Data for Lead has taken the opportunity to fully redesign its platform.


January > March 2020


  • Design Facilitation
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

I completely re-thinked the search. My main inspiration was… Google, obviously.


How did I dealt with the search?

Data partterning & team workshops

Smart Data for Lead users need to find B2B companies through different types of data. I created a simple and quick search. But I also imagined an advanced search to let users find the B2B companies data they need to know. To do so, I patterned the data by groups to be able to simplify the search.  


1 workshop to synthesis the user research

1 workshop to co-create the re-design

User journeys

I also rethinked the entire company profile and mixed data with graph & map.

Key takeaways

✔ An easy and delight on-boarding

✔ A whishlist to ease business development of Smart Data for Lead customers

A new company profile to easily find the data users need about each company

✔ Structured data

✔ Data visualization